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Vision Statement

  • Respecting Our Heritage

    • Ours is a community with a rich and remarkable history, dating back to the first known map of the area drawn by George Washington in 1753!​

  • Reaffirming Our Values

    • Values are what distinguish any organization.  They reveal the character of the community.  Zelienople was built on strength of vision, sacrifice, perseverance, entrepreneurial passion and spiritual faithfulness.  Detmar Basse's daughter, Zelie, and her husband, Philippe, raised children of exceptional moral and spiritual character who left their imprint, not just on the local community, but also on a young and growing nation.​

  • Revitalizing Our Community

    • We not only study the past, we seek to build a better future.  Early in the 21st century, Zelienople is taking significant steps to strengthen the fabric of our municipality.  Our role is to facilitate and enhance the communication between all current and future organizations, businesses and institutions.  This will enable us to partner to embrace the future without ever losing sight of the initial vision for a beautiful, prosperous and blessed homestead in which to live and raise our families.​

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